About Coping4Life

Coping 4 Life started because life happens over and over again to all of us and sometimes, when it happens, we think we can’t possibly handle it or survive it. We might believe we will never be happy or feel “normal” again. We feel alone and want to give up. Here’s a little secret that we wish everyone understood: Life is hard for all of us. Really, really hard – and it might never actually be easy. Sure, we will have moments, days, maybe even weeks that are good. But, overall, life takes an energy and effort that can feel overwhelming. It doesn’t matter if you are five or sixty-five – we all need help getting through the tough spots. That’s what Coping 4 Life is here to do.

Coping 4 Life is a community resource for anyone who finds themselves struggling to get through the days. From peer support groups to individual or family counseling in diverse areas, such as grief and loss, parenting, growing up, anger, anxiety, depression, suicide, coping, trauma, and many others. With a commitment to accessible resources and overcoming the barriers to mental health resources, C4L is a blend of private practice and non-profit community support serving Clinton County, IL, and beyond.

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Clinton County Health Department
930 Fairfax St.,  Carlyle, IL 62231
Ph. 618-594-2723 ext. 5